“I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” – Albert Einstein

sacai designer, Chitose Abe, continues to challenge her preconceptions and exploring the idea of doing things in ‘new ways’, in her pursuit to always innovate, create and stay true to her beliefs.

This season, that life long philosophy is applied to a collection whose starting point is the pant suit, with a new take on its elegance, utility and the sense it lends of a resolved ’head to toe look’. Every possible permutation of the suit is re-imagined through Abe’s eyes, with the addition of military outerwear highlights, re-interpreted and, this time, placed underneath instead.

The First look, a dress suit jacket is melded with an outerwear peacoat base layer, its ‘peplum’ made of what ’should’ have been trouser legs, with a tonal baseball cap given a newly elevated context. The same type of technique is applied throughout the collection including menswear. A reversed reference to British Mod style becomes an MA1 jacket placed over a wool topcoat, deconstructed and made one. A down jacket and wool blazer, as one; a single breasted jacket and pleated skirt, as one. A denim jacket and pencil skirt become a dress, spliced together with a zip.

Dr. Woo’s custom bandana tattoo sketches are printed and re-constructed into suit shapes, complete with matching bags.

Ten c invert their signature layering system for sacai, with the brand’s down liner applied externally to their signature OJJ fabric.

Introducing the next chapter of Nike x sacai – welcoming the Nike Vaporwaffle.

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