sacai is pleased to announce the upcoming collaboration with Emotionally Unavailable, as a result of long time friendship between two brands.

Collaboration will feature sacai’s iconic MA-1’s with special design inspired from the good old scrabble game. Inspiration came while KB of Emotionally Unavailable, were playing scrabble board with his niece and nephew while brainstorming for the collaboration. While playing the game, KB noticed that brand names can all be connected.

The design represents the connectivity of not merely of words but also the connection of the brands to create this collaboration.

Collaboration will feature MA-1 jacket, pajama shirt and trouser.

Special collaboration item will be available at sacai Aoyama, sacai Hong Kong On Lan Street, sacai Shanghai Reel, sacai Beijing Sanlitun, sacai SKP-S, sacai Dover Street Market Beijing, sacai

Emotionally Unavailable
Founded by a leading actor and a singer across Asia, and a director for CLOT, Edison Chen along with KB, who has great influence in street culture around the globe. Start of the brand came from a simple Tshirt with the brand name, which came from a simple phone call between Edison Chen and his friend, who answered “Emotionally Unavailable” when asked how he was doing.

Despite seeming to have a negative tone and message, the brand displays brilliant colorways and design patterns, which gives a very positive mood.

Such two-sidedness brings unique and attractive character to the brand.

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