The Princess Within” Fashion Extravaganza takes place at Brand’s Origin “Alberose Castle” Famed Celebrities invited to get a first glimpse of Chief Creative and Design Director Kev Yiu’s spectacular design for every girl who is a princess and queen at heart.

Beloved Disney Princesses have enchanted fans through their uplifting and inspiring stories for generations. They are empowering role models that teach us never to judge a book by its cover, not to be afraid of sailing beyond the reef, and the best way to overcome fear is to have faith and ”let it go.”

Each fairy tale shows us that we can be in charge of our destinies by influencing others with kindness and courage. And most importantly, love conquers all!

The Ultimate Princess Celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime global extravaganza that surprises and delights Disney’s fans all year long. It honors the unique characteristic of the beloved Disney princesses and queens, and inspires audiences of all ages to celebrate one of the most significant attributes of the princesses: The Courage to Be Kind.

This fall, Sennet Frères is collaborating with The Walt Disney Company for the very first time to launch an astonishing couture collection inspired by the Ultimate Princess Celebration that features 12 Disney Princesses and 2 Queens. Bringing this glamorous collection to life is a team of meticulous couture makers led by the highly acclaimed couture designer Kev Yiu, who is the Chief Creative and Design Director of Sennet Frères. Famed for his iconic feminine design with luxurious detailing and embroidery, Kev revisited every Disney Princess and Queen’s iconic anecdotes and reimagined a series of contemporary gowns with the accent of classic Disney fairytales. The “Disney Princess Collection by Sennet Frères” allows women to transform into fairy tale princesses with a unique and fashionable style.

To commemorate the launch, Sennet Frères has turned the brand’s “origin” – “The Alberose” white mansion founded by Albert and Rosie Weill last century – into Alberose Castle, where “The Princess Within” fashion show was held tonight, revealing the “Disney Princess Collection by Sennet Frères.” Famed celebrities (including Nancy Wu, Samantha Ko, Jinny Ng, Bowie Cheung, Candice Chiu, Angel Chiang, Dada Wong, Kayan Choi and more) were invited to get a first glimpse of Kev Yiu’s spectacular bridal and couture design, reinterpreting the beauty and virtues of each Disney princess and queen, and witness the birth of the world’s first “Disney Princess Collection” inspired by the Ultimate Princess Celebration.

Disney Princess Bridal and Couture Collection by Sennet Frères

As part of this collaboration, Sennet Frères aspires to design a wedding gown and an evening gown to honor each Disney princess and queen. The entire collection comprises 28 stunning dresses, each has its unique story and inspiration. The 12 Disney princesses and 2 queens serving as the muse of the collection include: Snow White, Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog,” Cinderella, Moana, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” Pocahontas, Merida from “Brave,” Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty,” Jasmine from “Aladdin,” Mulan, Rapunzel from “Tangled,” Queen Anna and Queen Elsa from the “Frozen” series.

About Alberose

Alberose is a historic white manor on the south-west side of Hong Kong Island. Its owner Albert Weill is a century-old French Jewish watch and jeweller merchant. After his pass-away in 1922, his wife Rose Weill continued to manage Levy Hermanos and Sennet Frères, a watch brand founded in Paris in 1870 and then brought to Hong Kong by Albert. At the beginning of 2019, 80-year-old Molly O’dell, the third-generation descendant of the Weill family, revisited her old-home at Alberose and met Hins Cheung, who is dedicated to revisit and recollect the history of the Weill family. Together they ignited the idea of ​​rebuilding Sennet Frères, a brand full of historical sentiments, hoping to continue the legacy of this century-old brand with a new image.

About Sennet Frères

The revitalization of Sennet Frères began in late 2019, with a new business vision and mission in bridal gowns and jewelry. By mid-2020, Sennet Frères officially appointed Mr. Hins Cheung to be the Brand Heritage Consultant and invited the renowned designer Mr. Kev Yiu as the brand’s Chief Creative and Design Director, aiming for a brand-new Sennet Frères for the 21st century.

Right before Christmas in 2020, Sennet Frères returns to Hong Kong after an absence of more than 70 years, and sets up its first bridal concept store at Causeway Bay, turning 150 years of exquisite craftsmanship in watch and jewelry manufacturing and the spirit of precision in every small detail into stitches and threads on each design, continuing Sennet Frères’ dedication and pursuit of luxury and aesthetics for a century and a half.

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