Serge Lutens is reinventing our morning routine with a collection of eaux fraîches,
accompanied for the first time by cleansing gels. A new range of silky body care products.

Inspiring a return to our roots and awakening of the senses, this range taps into our
collective unconscious: bath time. An authentic childhood memory, but also a simple and comforting everyday routine.

These scents stir up memories, allowing us to reconnect with the fundamentals through real objects: water, soap, a sponge, a brush… a universal technique promising a real rebirth.

Part of a simple, minimalist approach, this line was designed to be understated, stripped-down, evoking matter and revealing a language where smell and touch are in harmony.

Prepare your skin with the cleansing gel and enjoy a lasting feeling of purity and
freshness by adopting the fragrances from the collection…

For each stage, we propose 3 approaches to freshness:
pure, aromatic and invigorating…

L’Eau Serge Lutens
Parole d’eau
Dans le bleu qui pétille

For a lasting sillage, combine the eau de parfum and cleansing gel and create your morning routine.


Clean, strong, the obvious choice

One of the brand’s bestsellers and the source of inspiration for this collection.

Cool water, clean, crisply ironed laundry, a starched pillowcase which shares all your dreams… L’eau Serge Lutens allows us to rebuild ties with a world where real luxury is embodied first and foremost by cleanliness. Definitive, radical, waving goodbye to considering fragrances as a hygienic and social habit.

Deep, intimate, eternal

An original and modern composition that puts an end to the myth of odorless water. A fragrance that embodies true deep water. An immersion in a pure mineral water.

Happy, bubbly, full of life

A dive into the heart of the ocean, sea salt crystallising on the skin in the sunshine…
Dans le bleu qui pétille, exudes the scent of salt and iodine on skin warmed by the afternoon sun. An inimitable, fresh, sensual fragrance.


Each fragrance is also adopted by a cleansing body and hand gel.

In contact with water, the Matin Lutens cleansing gel forms an enveloping lather which leaves skin delicately scented.

Dispense the desired amount of cleansing gel into the palm of your hand and, using delicate circular movements, apply to your hands and body. It will form a lather in contact with water. Rinse and really embrace the fragrance.

Enjoy the scent for even longer by spritzing yourself with a little of the matching eau de parfum.

Available at Serge Lutens boutiques on 1st May 2022.
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