Kayla Wong, beautiful and bright, is the founder of online platform and brand Basics for Basics.  The meaning behind the name is both meaningful and honest. “I want to provide basic clothing, in return, fight for basic rights for human needs.”  Her line of fair trade and organic items are very basic indeed.  But, it was carefully planned this way.  “Everyone needs basic items, like t-shirts and tanks, it doesn’t grow old.”  She further adds, “it’s a new era where instead of churning out new trends, many brands including Basics for Basics is cutting down on production, by having a small capsule and adding additional pieces to update it.”

KAYLA WONG on taking the step to make a CHANGE and setting a standard for the NEXT GENERATION of CHANGE-MAKERS to do BIGGER and BETTER.

The current capsule is small, with only about 10 pieces – every piece, the details is thoughtful and even surprising.  Like an elasticized band and a high slit in its sold out maxi dress.  The quality, 100% organic and made in India, is pampering against your skin.  If you have ever compared a shirt of lesser qualities versus a slightly more expensive and organic one, the difference is clear.  One of Kayla’s biggest challenges is to convince those to try it for the first time, by justifying the slightly higher price points that consumers are used to.  “If you have read about how cotton and our demand for cotton is harming the environment, you wouldn’t want to be wearing non-organic shirts.”

For Kayla, it did start with research.  She enjoys reading books and watching documentaries on climate change and other environmental topics.  Basics for Basics was created with a grander vision, not limiting herself to just creating an organic brand, her goal is to create a platform and community to share ideas of fashion and merging it with social awareness and responsibility.  “As a part of the younger generation, I want to be able to influence the generation after me, having the mindset to make a change for the future.”  At the moment, the website features her own designs, and a few selected organic and fair trade brands.  Basics for Basics has a few surprises in store, we expect Kayla to do great big things with her platform to bring the idea of sustainability and fashion to a new level, starting with the basic t-shirt.