Leading up to the Year of the Tiger in 2022, the latest chapter in this collaboration boosts
efforts to rescue the endangered big cat from the brink of extinction

upon us, Shanghai Tang is proud to announce the continuation of its collaboration with global wildlife conservation organisation, Save Wild Tigers (SWT). The second instalment of this partnership, Shanghai Tang first collaborated with SWT and luxury travel curator Belmond in 2019 on a South East Asian train trip that raised awareness surrounding the plight of wild tigers. Following this fruitful venture, Shanghai Tang teams up with SWT once again to support efforts to save critically endangered tigers, one garment at a time.

From 21 July to 31 December 2021, Shanghai Tang will donate a portion of the proceeds
from sales of the brand’s tiger-themed merchandise across all of its retail and online
platforms to SWT. The conservation group’s ambassadors — including Hollywood actress
Jaime Winstone, All Saints singer Melanie Blatt, Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai and
singer-songwriter Dan Olsen — also helped to support the campaign by modelling Shanghai
Tang’s most stylish tiger apparel and spreading the word throughout their communities.

“Shanghai Tang is thrilled to join hands with Save Wild Tigers again in the lead up to the
Year of the Tiger. As a brand inspired by Chinese tradition, our designs are invariably
imbued with symbols prominent in Chinese folklore, with the majestic Tiger being a
prominent and powerful icon. We hope to play our part in supporting SWT’s conservation
initiatives by advocating for the feline that fuels our creative flame,” said Maggie Wong,
Marketing Director of Shanghai Tang.

“Very excited to work with the Shanghai Tang team in helping us bring Wild Tigers back
from the edge of extinction,” said Simon Clinton, founder of SWT. “With potentially as few
as 10 years left to save this iconic species from extinction across South East Asia, the clock
really is ticking. Profits from all of our campaigns go towards creating global awareness
campaigns for the cause and funding targeted tiger conservation projects. We want to
inspire the public through our promotion with Shanghai Tang to join us and act to save one
of the planets’ most beautiful & captivating species for future generations.”

The Tiger is revered across cultures, with its influence in Chinese tradition spanning
millennia. Encompassing the “Yang” in Yin-Yang philosophy, the tiger is said to radiate
power, manifest success, and ward off evil spirits. People born in the Year of the Tiger are
often characterized as courageous, charming, natural-born leaders. The Shanghai Tang and
SWT campaign will feature Shanghai Tang garments featuring the Tiger, such as the Tiger
embroidered Mandarin collar polo shirt and T-shirt, and ‘Hide & Seek’ Chinese Zodiac Print
Silk Scarf hand-illustrated with all 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Brass and wood Chinese
Zodiac Chopsticks – Tiger also make the perfect gift for those born in the Year of the Tiger.
All products are available for purchase at shanghaitang.com.