Shanghai Tang introduces the new collection – “Springs of Life”. As nature blossoms, the brand
reconnects with the wonders of the natural world. The journey begins as we collectively wake up, draw apart the curtains, and open intricately latticed windows to hopefully gaze upon vast expanses of fields and meadows stirring. This pivotal moment and the incredible scenes of nature’s endless bounty informs Shanghai Tang’s modern graphics and sumptuous textures. Artistic geometric prints, jacquard patterns and eyelet embroidery draw upon the beauties of the season springing to life – sprouts, four season leaves and wheat grain are instrumental elements, while the vivacity of pink and red azaleas are imagined in jacquard patterns to accompany peony embellishment as tasteful floral elements.

‘Hello! Lattice’

Hope springs eternal as we emerge from the winter chill to a fresh start. With a deep stretch and a walk to the windowsill, trace your fingertips across the latticework of traditional Chinese windows and open the lattice window to say hello to a whole new world, where the future is bright with promise. With their everlasting beauty, the meticulous craftsmanship of lattice is a key seasonal motif that lends graphic impact across the Collection. From ready-to-wear pieces to generously sized scarves, say hello to lattice. Imagined as a knit jacquard pattern, lattice artfully graces women’s cardigans and off-shoulder looks and men’s pullovers, while refreshing new colours like ivory and pink invigorate the Collection. Lattice also appears as a grosgrain tape detail, perfect as a sophisticated trim on trousers.

Lavish Scarf Lengths

Perfect for transitioning to warmer weather, lavishly long silk scarves keep you wrapped up in style all throughout spring. Generously sized dimensions make for incredibly versatile wearing; whether fashioned as a simple wrap, layered cowl or a cosy shawl for your head and shoulders, these scarves invite experimentation. The look is completed with a standout design inspired by the moment of looking out from a lattice window; ultra-modern lattice pattern and geometric sprout prints mix with stylistic peonies envisioned in traditional Chinese brush paintings.

Contemporary Finesse, Classic Polos

Classic meets contemporary with this season’s suave selection of polo shirts. The brilliance of the summer sky fleshes out a mesmerizing forest of seasonal shades, while Shanghai Tang mainstays such as luxurious silk and cotton make a profound impact as both materials and tones. For women, flattering polos add feminine twists; a unique side collar polo with a Chinese metal knot button shines as a younger crop cut silhouette, as does a polo featuring the signature mandarin collar with graceful mini-ruche detailing across the front. In men’s, the new vibrant spring colour, ombre, debuts alongside camp collar silhouettes that bring modern seasonal flair.

Discover the Shanghai Tang “Springs of Life” Collection now available in all boutiques in Hong Kong and Stay tuned for additional exciting styles to be released later this spring.