Classic standout style transforms to modern must-have with Shanghai Tang’s brand new unisex Tang Jacket Made-to-Order (MTO) service, a refreshed programme for one of our most signature and adored products. It all starts with choosing the perfect Tang Jacket that embodies you and your personal style. The MTO service’s 3 distinctive Tang Jacket silhouettes — Bomber Tang, Original Tang, and Hi-Lo Tang — each brings a unique feel and drips with vibrant attitude. With each silhouette available in a fresh range of updated styles, this Tang Jacket trio takes the beloved and legendary Tang jacket and injects it with dazzling new energy to reinterpret this icon with modern street-chic appeal.

Picking your MTO Tang jacket silhouette is just the start of an exhilarating journey into unlocking your ultimate personal Tang Jacket. Experiment with an eclectic selection of luxe shell fabrics and linings that beautifully complement your silhouette to create a truly customised and personal piece — a Tang Jacket that’s undeniably YOU.

With 9 spectacular shell fabrics to choose from, MTO Tang Jacket shells run the gamut from luxuriously soft and rare Suri Alpaca with woven virgin wool backing to modern Metallic Laminated Leno Weave Cotton and beautifully textured Wool-mohair Check Tweed, giving you the versatility to craft a Tang Jacket for all of your favourite events and occasions from casual everyday to fancy night out. When choosing the lining for your MTO Tang Jacket, enjoy a splendid selection of 23 different options including the most luxurious and lustrous Floral Embroidery Silk Satins, airy lightweight Mulberry silk twills and more. Many of the linings feature their own delicate and intricate patterns and prints or come in a range of colours that pop, especially when revealed as upturned cuff accents — think of it as a whole new way of expressing yourself.

As a finishing touch of flair, each MTO Tang Jacket features a secret signature Shanghai Tang patch incorporated into the interior lining near the jacket pocket; the patch casually reveals itself as the jacket opens for a little added oomph.


For the style maverick, Shanghai Tang’s ‘Bomber Tang’ is a modern, sporty take on the classic Tang jacket silhouette. Fly high with the ‘Bomber Tang’s shorter, slightly cropped fit which is a nod to the popular bomber jacket, capturing the essence of the defining aviator-chic styling of this streetwear favourite. Unmistakably cool, this exclusive MTO silhouette retains Shanghai Tang’s signature elements, including the dashing mandarin collar and longer sleeves designed to be folded up to show off eye-catching cuff lining – a surefire conversation starter that never fails to impress.


A tribute to classic style sensibilities with a dash of newfound originality, ‘Original Tang’ is Shanghai Tang’s most classic silhouette, now updated with a lush variety of customisable fabric and lining options that amp up the styling possibilities. True to its roots, all ‘Original Tang’ styles feature the signature mandarin collar while adding interest with different button styles and front closure designs, as well as intricate details such as embroidered lining. Whether you prefer a low-key play on this timeless classic or taking it to a whole new style stratosphere with showstopping textures and colours, you can rock your unique ‘Original Tang’ any way you like.


Striking and unique, delight and surprise with a ‘Hi-Lo Tang’ combo they didn’t see coming. Tailored with a longer body than more classic fits, Shanghai Tang’s ‘Hi-Lo Tang’ delivers a Tang jacket with a high-low step hem that stands out from the pack. Contemporary, sleek and impeccably streamlined, the ‘Hi-Lo Tang’ is ideal for those seeking more longline silhouettes that open up the imagination for more creative ensembles that push the boundaries of street fashion.

Discover Shanghai Tang’s new Tang Jacket Made-to-Order service, now available at the
Shanghai Tang Mansion at Duddell Street.

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