Following the success of the collection of candles launched in 2017 – Campagne, Tuberose, Rose and Orient – Sisley is presenting two must-have fragrances in a new 950 g size: ROSE and CAMPAGNE, for a scent that now lasts longer than ever.

The two new hand-cast candles are presented in satin-finished glass jars lacquered in bright colours to capture the distinctive olfactory ambiance of Eau de Campagne and bouquets of Izia roses.

The “Rose” candle reveals the full botanical freshness and elegance of the iconic rose from Isabelle d’Ornano’s garden. The magenta matte lacquered glass jar echoes the petals of the Izia rose, which open one by one to reveal a sunny yellow wax reminiscent of its golden centre. Thus Sisley transforms the home into a magical rose garden pervaded with citrus, floral and amber accords.

Inspired by the iconic Eau de Campagne fragrance, the “Campagne” candle stays true to its chic and daring trail of cut grass and bottled nature. Its coloured box and forest-green jar pay homage to nature and reveal a pale green wax. Its three flames diffuse notes of Oak Moss, Jasmine, Plum and Vetiver, transporting all in the vicinity to the heart of a fragrant garden.

Decorative objects in their own right, the new, uniquely scented giant candles can be used both indoors and outdoors to give an ambiance full of character.

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