The power of Black Rose is now harnessed within a delicate, evanescent pink-hued emulsion that infuses the eyes with radiance and freshness to give a revived and smoothed eye contour area. 

When Sisley first launched Black Rose Cream Mask in 2011, it became a cult product in record time. The Black Rose line was then enriched in 2014 and 2017 with Precious Face Oil and Skin Infusion Cream, which also earned the admiration of an audience enthralled by the sensory textures and delicious aromas of this range. 

In 2020, the sensory voyage continues. It combines three actions to give rejuvenated, fresh, bright and seemingly revitalised eyes.

The eyes are left smoother and seemingly younger.

Sisley has incorporated three smoothing active ingredients into this new skincare: 

Aqueous Black Rose extract helps to instantly smooth the skin texture, giving a visibly smoother surface that enhances the reflection of light. 

Padina pavonica extract acts on a deeper level by strengthening the skin’s hydric layer to encourage hydration of the eye contour and smooth the area. 

Vitamin E Acetate protects the delicate skin of the eye contour area. 

and refreshes for wider looking eyes.

Puffiness and dark circles are targeted by toning active ingredients including:

Red Vine extract – flavonoid-rich which helps to tone and
brighten the eye contour area.

Caffeine also tones and helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, resulting in fresh and rested eyes.

Dark shadows are brightened and the eyes are rejuvenated.

Two active ingredients are united to provide a glow-boosting action to illuminate and bring radiance to the eyes. 

Chlorella extract – taken from an aquatic plant rich in phytonutrients (minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids), helps to restore vitality and energy to the eye contour area and rids it of dark shadows. 

Red Vine extract has a brightening effect on the eye area. 

The formula is completed by Shea oil to nourish and comfort this sensitive area, as well as oily Black Rose extract to soften it. 

Its comfortable texture melts into the skin like a cream, while remaining fresh and lightweight like a gel. Micro pearls illuminate the eye contour to give a more rested, radiant and refreshed appearance. Powerful and voluptuous Black Rose instantly transports you to a world of sensuality and softness. With each application, May Rose and its delicate scent wash over the senses, making this singular product most unique and noble, without the use of essential oils. 

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