In this season of love, there’s more than one way to express your adoration, and Ms B’s Cakery helps you say it with an eclectic range of beautiful cakes, installed especially for Valentine’s Day.

Delicate & delicious Vanilla, Orange, Pistachio Chiffon Cake with layers of Berry & Chocolate Mousse.

6” – HK$1,050

1. BLUE – Delicate & delicious Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Blueberry Mousse & Black Cherry.

2. PINK – Delicious + Refreshing Fresh Cream Elderflower Chiffon Cake with Lychee Mousse on a Crisp Crunch Base.

4” – HK$680

1. A labour intensive Vanilla Chiffon marbling of rainbow tones with Cherries and Jelly Mousse, White Chocolate Crisps and Fresh Cream.

2. Premium grade of Real Rose Essence together with Strawberry Mousse & Raspberry with Chiffon Cake & Fresh Cream.

4” – HK$750
6” – HK$1,200