Make an impact with your travelling decision

Choosing a hotel that has made a commitment to the environment will make your vacation much more meaningful. Make an impact with your travelling decision without compromising on style and comfort. We have rounded up some sustainable hotels for the seasoned traveller. Vacay in a conscious yet luxurious way!



La Granga is tucked and hidden away from the party scene of Ibiza, far in the beetle-dry pine forest in the hills way above San Antonio. It was once a private residence, hence the interior is deliberately stripped and minimal, it embodies a sense of comfort and depth. The act of preservation than of transformation, the designers thoughtfully worked the structure’s imperfection, to highlight its aching elegance.
With only nine rooms, the “farmhouse” is the place to stay, allowing you to experience the solemnity of your surroundings. Enjoy sunset gatherings, poolside DJ music, and farm-to-table slow food and yoga.


The recently opened 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge has all of New York’s hippest crossing over the bridge to see and be seen. Never has a hotel in Brooklyn caused so much buzz. And there are good reasons why; with its waterfront address, and well-thought out eco-factor, expect to find hemp-blend mattresses, use of reclaimed material throughout, and an hourglass as a friendly reminder to time your shower. This hotel is 100% wind-powered. On the rooftop, expect unobstructed poolside views of the city, as well as refreshing herbaceous drinks from the lobby bar, and complimentary yoga. No wonder it’s the number one staycation spot for New Yorkers, it’s a retreat from the city.


Find yourself in complete tranquillity and leave all reminders of city-life aside. Immerse yourself in the beauty of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in the secluded province of Koh Kong. Set against the untouched land, this top-of-the-line luxury resort, each floating lodge is made out of eco-friendly materials. The resort is also protecting the environment, the hotel is also partnered with the highly-trained local community to help ensure an environmentally aware footprint for Cambodia environment is sustainable. Spend your days at the spa, trekking to look for endangered animals, go for a jungle bike trek, kayak down the TaTai River, and explore the Bat Cave where it is home to wild boars.

Nestled on British Columbia’s coast between Vancouver Island and Alaska’s border, explore one of the last unspoilt rainforests left in the world. The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest—at 27,000 square miles. It is roughly the size of Ireland—is also where you will find the rustic eco-luxe Nimmo Bay Resort. The resort has only nine cabins, so secluded that it is only reachable by helicopter or floatplane. Towering over the cabins are 10,000-year-old glaciers. Your daily activities are endless, kayaking, whale watching, heli-fishing and more. The resort is committed to cutting their carbon footprint emissions, built-in Hydroxyl waste management system and is a water-powered electricity system.

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