Can’t Resist Getting a New Bikini?

Don’t feel guilty, Transcend Wear is sustainable and sexy, and totally beach-worthy! Transcend Wear is an eco-conscious swimwear brand that removes plastic from the ocean and regenerates it into a luxurious fabric called Econyl.   Created by husband and wife team (models and green environment advocates) Jocelyn Luko and Anthony Sandstrom, they are ready to transcend your swimwear into something sustainable and sexy.

“If we’d create a brand, it would have to be the most environmentally conscious method available.”

TC: It is well known that both you and your wife Jocelyn are very active with your involvement in environmental causes. Tell us more about your involvement.

We have had the opportunity to be involved in a number of environmental causes, in Hong Kong, we’ve met some incredible people who’ve put forth great personal efforts towards various environmental issues and creating awareness towards a ‘need for change’ in our global lifestyles. We have been the ambassadors of The Hong Kong Cleanup for 9 years and ambassador of the Aqua X Team for 4 years. These people are real heroes in our eyes and we always support them any way we can.

TC: What made you decide it was the right time to start your own swimwear brand?
Jocelyn grew up in Hawaii and of course, everyone always spends time out at the beach, so the norm is swimwear and bikinis. She had difficulties finding a great fitting bikini with a design she really liked and would always say, “If I made my own bikini, I’d change this or make that”. So we thought well, let’s make a bikini that really fits women great. During this time we also learned the fashion industry is the second largest environmental polluting industry on the planet. We had reservations about contributing to this industry, if we’d do it, it would be in the most environmentally conscious method available. We did research and were excited to find a material that is regenerated from ghost fishing nets, carpets and other nylon waste. What’s amazing, is that the ghosts nets are removed from the ocean – which helps stop the trapping and killing of sea life and damaging coral, then regenerated into the raw basic form of plastic, and this regenerated material in remade into a super luxury feeling fabric, perfect for our brand.

TC: What makes your swimwear different from the rest of the market?
The main difference is our fabric material and quality, we delayed our launch for months because our fabric supplier informed us of a new higher quality luxury feeling material being released in late 2016. When we tested the fabric of the new regenerated nylon material it was just so smooth and luxurious to the touch. So it was a no-brainer, we had to wait because the new fabric was just so much better. Also, we specifically designed our bikinis to be reversible to give our customers two colour options, like having 2-in-1 bikinis. Saving people from buying two bikinis and saving the planet from the unnecessary second bikini purchase.

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