Reground – Give Your Coffee Ground Purpose

There are so many ways to live a conscious lifestyle nowadays.  The best thing is that you don’t even need to change your habit including your COFFEE!  Just a SIMPLE effect will make a BIG difference. REGROUND is an organization based in Melbourne with the mission to take your coffee waste, and give it one more purpose after fuelling your morning habit WHEN COFFEE CREATES HARM TO THE ENVIRONMENT… AN ISSUE THAT WE RARELY HEAR ABOUT, LEFT UNAWARE. In the City of Melbourne alone, the coffee industry is responsible for 5,500 tonnes of methane gas going into the atmosphere each year. That’s bad – but what’s worse…

Brew and Filtered

Melbourne-based coffee roaster extraordinaire MATTY DE ANGELIS likes his coffee filter black and thinks you should give it a try too.

One would be most curious if Matty is a serial coffee drinker. When asked how many coffees he has in a day, he says “none”. However, cupping, he does every day. Matty De Angelis is a Melbourne-based roaster, Q-grader brewer and blogger. With his construction engineer background, stints at The Bean Alliance and London’s Climpsons & Sons, and, his parents owned a cafe, carved the way for him to become very passionate about roasting and brewing.
As one of handful coffee roasters with a penchant of teaching his craft to his avid coffee drinkers, customers and fans—he also runs a very serious (and informative) blog about brewing, appropriately named Brewing is for Everyone. On his blog, the aesthetic and layout are clean and minimal, in contrast with Matty’s style, tattoos and (occasional) blonde hair makes the blog and all of his brewing visually appealing and look so effortlessly cool.

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