Following news from last week that Queen Elizabeth II is banning all use of plastic from roayl estates, Taiwan is planning a blanket ban on single-use plastic items including cups, straws and shopping bags by 2030.
It was announced on February 22 that Taiwan plan to cut waste and pollution after introducing a recycling programme and charges for plastic bags.

Its new plan will force major chain restaurants to stop providing plastic straws for in-store use from 2019, a requirement that will expand to all dining outlets in 2020.

As a part of the government’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)’s roadmap, the initiative to ban all single-use of straws, and disposable utensils, to reach their full ban planned for 2030, consumers will have to pay extra for all straws, plastic shopping bags, disposable utensils and beverage cups.

“We aim to implement a blanket ban by 2030 to significantly reduce plastic waste that pollutes the ocean and also gets into the food chain to affect human health,” said Lai Ying-Ying, an EPA official supervising the new programme.

Currently, the average Taiwanese citizen uses 700 plastic bags every year. EPA wants to reduce that number to zero by 2030!

Great Start Taiwan!

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