Kindness Matters. Make an impact today, show your compassion for others less fortunate by purchasing Tava’s Impact Wraps. When you buy two Impact Wraps, Tava will give a meal to a person in need.

by Kristina Pavchenko

The future holds unlimited opportunities for many of us. In this hyper-connected world, we see more, eat more, buy more and expect more in every aspect of our lives. We are living in excess. But for many in Hong Kong, they are barely getting by. I’m referring to the refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. They have many struggles, more than what we may understand, but we all know that gnawing pain in our stomach when we didn’t take a proper lunch break.

There are refugees amongst us in this bustling city. Pay closer attention, and you will notice; the person with a sad face travelling next to you on MTR could be a refugee from one of the war zones, Africa, Middle East, or even Eastern Europe. They walk amongst us with little or no hope for a better future, as we walk past them, rushing to our next lunch with our loved ones. Many can’t go on their day with hope when something so rudimentary isn’t met.

Imagine, if we can give a stranger, someone really in need of something warm and nutritious, a full meal, would you do it?
It’s easier than you think. It doesn’t require you to volunteer, donate money, or actively involve yourself in the cause.

You say, I can’t do much. I don’t know where to start. All it takes is a moment of awareness and compassion. The consumers hold power to change.

One little takeaway shop, Tava Hong Kong is doing something big – feed people in need. This is your chance to use your consumer dollars towards a good cause. When you buy two HK Impact wraps, Tava will give a meal to a person in need.

For you, it’s just another quick bite, but for the many refugees and asylum seekers, it’s a sign of hope. A sign that tomorrow can be better than today. Impact HK will take care of logistics of distributing food because it is something they know best. Don’t underestimate the notion that one meal can have a profound impact on the life of someone in need.

So really, do your bit of change for better tomorrow – today. It’s easy, it tastes delicious and it feels good.

Make your impact by buying two Impact Wraps to give a meal to the less fortunate. Offer valid until 7th April. Tava is located; Shop 1B, G/F 31 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan. 

About Tava– Tava is a Mediterranean takeaway restaurant located in Sheung Wan. They serve balanced, healthy, gluten-free Mediterranean specialities, including vegetarian and vegan options.

About Impact Hong Kong – Impact Hong Kong is a non-profit organization, started with the aim of doing one kind act per month for the homeless in Hong Kong. Many volunteers joined as they wanted an opportunity to support the less fortunate in a meaningful and measurable way. #kindnessmatters.