Throughout the centuries, tea has always held a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. To honour traditional Chinese tea culture while introducing the endless possibilities of enjoying tea in the modern age, Tea Château launches to bring Hong Kong an inspired and reimagined tea experience at the push of a button.

The perfect cup of tea brewed with the push of a button

Tea is a part of life – a beverage, a ritual, a brief respite. Easy to savour, hard to brew. Before it arrives in our cups, it is grown and withered, guided by millennia of wisdom. Still, the perfect cup of tea is more: infused with the expertise of craftsmen and a blend of traditional Chinese and Western remedies, the perfect brew warms the heart and nourishes the soul. Complicated by intricacies and elaborate gestures, good tea has become unattainable, and is often sacrificed for time. Fusing tenets of traditional tea culture with the wisdom of both Chinese and Western medicine, Tea Château offers a distinctive range of premium teas encased in clever and convenient capsules that are incredibly easy to use whenever you please.

“With people in Hong Kong living bustling lives where every minute counts, there’s no time to brew quality tea and savour a quiet moment to recharge, which is why we aim to restore balance and well-being to the daily hustle with our quick and convenient tea offerings, taking only 30 – 50 seconds for a cup of comforting tea. We have seen growing demand for our unique offering since tea is a trending beverage that will never cease to be one of our favourite refreshments. Tea and all of the craftsmanship and rituals associated with tea growing, brewing and drinking have long been precious to all of us. We’re excited to respect and continue these storied traditions, while also offering an enhanced new way for all of us to enjoy tea with endless possibilities every day,” says Ryan Tse, Director of Tea Château.

Blending the best of traditional Chinese tea culture with herbal ingredients and Western remedies

Covering the gamut from renowned traditional Chinese teas to the herbal ingredients and natural remedies of functional wellness teas, the Tea Château experience is crafted to boost your well-being with all the deliciousness, quality and goodness that a perfectly brewed cup of tea has to offer. Made in Hong Kong with top-tier tea leaves, Tea Château’s range of capsules are currently available in 13 different tea varieties and flavours.

“A perfect cup of tea starts with the best tea leaves and herbal ingredients and natural remedies. We take great care to source tea leaves and herbal ingredients from their native provinces before handling every step of grinding, blending and packaging in Hong Kong to ensure quality control. Each blend is meticulously designed by our team, with our R&D creating a formula that Quality Assurance and Control test while I ensure the tea meets our stringent standards with vigorous taste testing to get just the right balance of flavours to create a really special and profound tea tasting experience,” says Elton Yeung, Tea Master at Tea Château.

Discover the Tea Château line-up of traditional Chinese teas and functional teas

Spanning both traditional Chinese teas and functional teas, Tea Château has conceived a diverse range of essential and enticing tea flavours to suit each individual’s preferences. Choose the tea that suit you best in terms of flavours, seasons, and needs, and savour the
ultimate comfort and refreshment in a carefully crafted cup of tea.

Traditional Chinese Tea

Steeped in history and enjoyed over millennia, Tea Château’s traditional Chinese teas include some of the most renowned in all of Chinese culture. Get to know these golden standards:

Categorised as a Yinhao green tea, Jasmine is a rejuvenating tea with nutritious
polyphenols and scented leaves that impart a relaxing and soothing aroma.
Taste: Jasmine, Bean
Aroma: Jasmine, Nectar
Price: HK$69 for Small Capsule | HK$79 for Large Capsule (10 capsules each)

Originally a tribute tea reserved for aristocrats, fragrant and floral Biluochun green tea is
treasured for the “Four Ultimates”, excellence in form, colour, aroma and taste.
Taste: Wildflower, Soybean
Aroma: Soybean, Pekoe Scent
Price: HK$89 for Small Capsule | HK$109 for Large Capsule (10 capsules each)

Renowned for its distinctly pleasant colour, aroma and sweet and refreshing aftertaste,
Longjing tea is known for its antioxidizing and revitalizing qualities.
Taste: Ripe Soybean, Green Grass
Aroma: Ripe Bean, Wheat
Price: HK$89 for Small Capsule | HK$109 for Large Capsule (10 capsules each)

One of the most popular oolong tea variants, mild Tieguanyin tea takes complex skill to
bring out its refreshing scent and vibrant lingering orchid notes.
Taste: Grass, Floral
Aroma: Orchid, Milky
Price: HK$79 for Small Capsule | HK$89 for Large Capsule (10 capsules each)

With its roots in Yunnan province, uniquely sweet and mellow Pu’er tea has long been
regarded as a “drinkable antique” that is excellent for maintaining health.
Taste: Red Date, Wooden
Aroma: Wooden, Sweet Glutinous Rice
Price: HK$79 for Small Capsules | HK$89 for Large Capsules (10 capsules each)

Chenpi Pu’er
Prized for a refined taste and sophisticated flavours, Chenpi Pu’er combines carefullypicked Xinhui Chenpi with Aged Ripe Pu’er in a mild versatile tea.
Taste: Chenpi, Wooden
Aroma: Chenpi Scent, Dried Fruit
Price: HK$89 for Small Capsule | HK$109 for Large Capsule (10 capsules each)

Functional Tea

Crafted to boost your well-being, functional teas feature soothing herbal ingredients and natural remedies with different properties to benefit different areas of the body. Elevate your wellness with:

Free Your Soul
Combining fruits and florals in a herbal and green tea with various rare herbs such as
roses, lilies and poria.
Function: Calming and help relieve stress
Price: HK$109 for Small Capsule | HK$129 for Large Capsule

Lingzhi Dahongpao
An oolong tea mixed with Chinese herbs, Lingzhi Dahongpao features a rare fungus.
Function: Revitalise, improve circulation and boost energy
Price: HK$109 for Small Capsule | HK$129 for Large Capsule

Trim You Down
Made with natural herbs such as cassia seed, hawthorn fruit, lotus leaves, hibiscus
and neroli, the herbal oolong tea has a refreshingly sweet and sour taste.
Function: Detox and improve metabolism
Price: HK$109 for Small Capsule | HK$129 for Large Capsule

Sing Out Loud
Wild golden mulberry tea leaves, ginseng and mint are core components of this
nourishing Sing Out Loud herbal tea.
Function: Refreshing parched throats
Price: HK$119 for Small Capsule | HK$139 for Large Capsule

Free Your Lungs
The mildly cool tea consists of rare energy replenishing herbs including lilies, loquat
leaves, mint, Chinese liquorice, tangerine peel and fragrant honeysuckle.
Function: Boost your immune system by nourishing and strengthening your lungs
Price: HK$119 for Small Capsule | HK$139 for Large Capsule

Wake You Up [Summer Limited Edition]
Energising ginseng oolong and mint are delightfully infused with ginseng and jujube
for Wake You Up tea.
Function: Boosts vitality and detoxifies the liver
Price: HK$119 for Small Capsule | HK$139 for Large Capsule

Cool You Down [Summer Limited Edition]

A perfect combination of sweet Longjing tea leaves with aromatic honeysuckle and
cape jasmine.
Function: Combat excess internal heat
Price: HK$109 for Small Capsule | HK$129 for Large Capsule

As the ideal way to start yourself or a loved one on your Tea Château journey, the 18 Capsules Gift Set (HK$239 for Small Capsule | HK$279 for Large Capsule) features 18 capsules from a selection of ten different traditional and functional tea varieties.

Brew the perfect cup of tea with the Tea Château Tea Machine

To get the perfect and most authentic Tea Château experience, the capsule is just one part of the equation. With the Tea Château Tea Machine (HK$1,399), all you need to do is place a capsule into your machine, push a button, and voila – the perfect cuppa, courtesy of your resident tea master with the below 5 features:

• 15 bar pressure ensures your tea is brewed with the optimal water pressure at the perfect temperature, all
within 30 seconds
• Tea brewed to perfection with temperature setting of 90˚C
• Pre-infusion function
• Compatible with other capsule drinks, giving it a wider range of functionality
• 7 water levels allowing you to adjust the concentration of your tea according to your preferences
• For added convenience, Tea Château small capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, while large capsules are compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machines

Experience Tea Château in-store for a curated experience

Tea Château is available in nine locations across the city including stores at ifc Mall (flagship store), Yoho, apm, K11 MUSEA, tmtplaza, and counters in LCX at Harbour City, APITA at Cityplaza, city’super at New Town Plaza and city’super at Times Square.

Discover a reimagined tea experience and taste the Tea Château range at our stores. First, the store entrance welcomes guests with soft lighting that glows like the dawn light before leading to a colourful wall bay. At the Tasting Bar, our tea specialists will welcome you and guide you through each tea’s unique story. With our store’s APOTHECARY, a display helps guests embark on a journey to get to know each tea by taking an in-depth look at each tea’s ingredients and taste profile. Whether you visit us at a store or counter location across the city, our tea specialists will help to identify the blends that suit your taste preferences best across the full range.

Enjoy endless possibilities with Tea Château mocktails

Discover the endless possibilities of tea by infusing and mixing it with different ingredients. Check out Jasmine Apple and Tieguanyin Virgin Mojito for two mocktails, perfect to enjoy at the comfort of your home during the hot summer.

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