The AMBUSH Spring Summer 2021 campaign makes real the idea of the house, maison, 家 or casa. Photographed by Ethan James Green, we see the idea of a comfort zone interrogated. Is comfort a relaxed fit, or is it feeling empowered in one’s clothes?

The opposing forces at play in the collection are brought to life through the set design, inspired by modern Japanese architecture in the style of the AMBUSH Workshop in Tokyo’s Shibuya. Breaking up these graphic lines, reflecting the cultural mix that informs AMBUSH, we see Italian furniture in flowing shapes. Billowing fabric contrasts with the concrete, just as the collection mixes the hard and the soft. Thus, the foundations of the AMBUSH home are laid.

These strong (re)beginnings are reflected in the casting. Anok and Malik are young, but with a timeless and powerful maturity and elegance. They capture the spirit of AMBUSH — the youths we once were, and still carry a piece of inside ourselves. Photographed together, Anok and Malik capture the state we wish us to be in — at ease with friends, with a partner, with the people we hang best with. Because, of course, a
comfort zone isn’t just physical — it’s a feeling. A feeling of home.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ethan James Green
STYLING: Carlos Nazario
SET DESIGN: Julia Wagner
MODELS: Anok Yai and Malik Anderson – NEXT Models
MAKE UP: Susie Sobol