The last twelve months have left many longing for tasty food without compromising health. Vegans or non-vegans alike have been pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of a plant-based diet at offered and Ma…and the Seeds of Life. This concept of exploring healthy cruelty-free indulgence has been also the main idea behind Hong Kong’s first and only vegan cheeze shop Le Fromage by Ma.

Le Fromage by Ma is promising to be Hong Kong’s only and finest vegan cheeze establishment. The shop, located at Unit 21 of B20 at K11 MUSEA oozes calmness, elegantly decorated with natural wood, stone and fresh greens. Le Fromage by Ma offers a variety of vegan cheezes packed with nutritious ingredients made without any suffering to any living being.

How and what we eat impacts the world, if you care for the Earth, yet don’t want to
compromise satisfying your tastebuds then Le Fromage by Ma is promising to be the true nondairy cheeze experience you are looking for.

Curator Tina Barrat, Hong Kong-based French jewelry designer turned raw-food maestro, crafts
culinary gems from simple natural ingredients. Over twenty choices of handcrafted vegan cheese will be on offer. Creamy truffle flavoured ‘Shamembert’ (HK$240/235g; HK$160/120g),
tastebud tantalising ‘Moon & Earth’ (HK$180/140g), lusciously pink peppercorn studded Brie (HK$250/380g; HK$150/190g), Cheddar Smoked (HK$250/315g; HK$150/160g) and the Gorgonzola inspired ‘North Pole Star’ (HK$180/150g) are just a few name-worthy cheeses among the delicious offerings. All cheeses are locally hand made in small batches from natural raw materials, soaked, sprouted, dehydrated or gently warmed to maintain its original nutrients’ density.

Along the widest range of vegan cheeze in stock anywhere in Hong Kong, other vegan delicacies such as keto bread, chutneys, organic olive oils, gluten-free crackers will be made available. Signature dishes such as ‘Sans-Salmon’ (HK$168/100g) , ‘Chiaviar’ (HK$538/225g; HK$288/115g; HK$158/50g) and ‘Faux-Gras’ (HK$328/200g; HK$188/100g) as proven popular at Ma…and the Seeds of Life will top the vegan gourmet possibilities. Vegans and non-vegans alike will relish at Le Fromage by Ma’s lively, classy vibe with healthy and pure offerings.

Le Fromage by Ma will take enthusiasts on a pure and healthy gastronomic journey. Establishing in the heart of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, Le Fromage by Ma will stand
as the premier gateway to a new era of plant-based diet through its unique and creative French-style culinary delights.