Nespresso invites you to embark on a sensory journey through the World Explorations range. Inspired by the coffee rituals of cities including Tokyo, Vienna, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Shanghai, World Explorations captures the distinctive sensations, tastes and aromas of these cities’ coffee houses in six exquisite Lungo coffees.

With the launch of the World Explorations range, Nespresso partners with Hong Kong singer-songwriter Terence Lam to discover places in Hong Kong that are reminiscent of the six cities featured in the range. Join Terence on this journey via Instagram by sharing your favourite spots in Hong Kong that match best with the cities featured in the range. Each post gives you a chance to win a coffee machine and a set of World Explorations range coffees. Check out Instagram @Nespresso.HK in March for more details and discover Terence’s coffee journey with Nespresso!

Nespresso Hong Kong is also partnering with Atelier Cologne to create an unparalleled travel experience through the senses. With the mission to bring customers’ minds and souls on an emotional journey, Atelier Cologne sources its ingredients from around the world, to recreate unforgettable travel moments through scents. Together with Nespresso’s World Explorations coffees, let your palette and senses be transported on a memorable journey. From 1 until 30 April 2021, Nespresso customers can receive 2 complimentary fragrance samples upon any purchase, along with a voucher to redeem a 4ml fragrance spray of their choice upon any purchase above HK$880 at all Atelier Cologne Boutiques. Alternatively, spend over HK$1,200 at
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Discover A Tasteful Journey With Every Cup

A journey across the sensory map, Nespresso’s World Explorations range features six exquisite Lungo coffees, two of which are newly debuting mild cups that pay homage to Shanghai and Buenos Aires, adding extra depth to the Lungo intensity scale to complete the full range. With a full assortment of compelling flavour profiles, aromatic notes range from sweet cereal over floral and fruity to potent and roasted – all reflecting the preferences of local coffee drinkers across the six cities.

World Explorations Buenos Aires Lungo (New)
In a nod to Argentina’s vibrant food scene where sweetness prevails, Nespresso’s World Explorations Buenos Aires Lungo blends a gently roasted Colombian Arabica with Ugandan Robusta, to deliver distinct cereal and sweet popcorn notes that pay tribute to the city’s love for smooth long cups characterised by a sweet, milky flavour.
Profile: Abundant sweet popcorn and nutty cereal notes
Intensity: 4
How to enjoy: Add a generous drop of milk and sugar at will

World Explorations Shanghai Lungo (New)
While it’s a little-known fact that China has grown coffee for centuries, its modern coffee scene has only recently developed, with Shanghai leading the way. Recognising China’s thriving coffee scene, Nespresso’s World Explorations Shanghai Lungo captures the emerging Asian coffee culture with a distinctive light roast blend that combines Kenyan, Chinese and Indonesian Arabicas. The berry notes and fine acidity of the coffee is best enjoyed as a longer cup to appreciate the drinking experience.
Profile: Fruity with fine acidity
Intensity: 5
How to enjoy: Add a dash of milk and take it on-the-go

World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo
Reflecting South Africa’s preference towards Asian coffees, which have shaped local tastes over time, Nespresso’s World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo blends Indian Arabica and Robusta to deliver an intense and full bodied Lungo with a punchy, bitter note and woodsy aroma.
Profile: Deep-roasted, intense and woody
Intensity: 10
How to enjoy: Unfold the coffee’s smooth roasted notes with a splash of milk

World Explorations Stockholm Fortissio Lungo
Swedes are among the world’s biggest coffee consumers. Taking you on a leisurely wander through Stockholm, Nespresso’s World Explorations Stockholm Fortissio Lungo recreates the aromatic profile of a Swedish coffee by coupling Monsooned Malabar with Colombian Arabica for an intense, sweet cup with a hint of bitterness.
Profile: Malty, with a hint of rich bitterness
Intensity: 8
How to enjoy: Enjoy drinking it black in a large flavourful cup with cinnamon rolls, shared with friends and family

World Explorations Tokyo Vivalto Lungo
The Japanese enjoy a richer coffee with balanced, elegant aromas. The aromatics of the cup of Nespresso’s World Explorations Tokyo Vivalto Lungo capture these preferences with refined Ethiopian and Mexican Arabicas that deliver a complex, floral cup with a hint of acidity.
Profile: Aromatic, flowery notes, refined roastiness and a hint of fruit
Intensity: 6
How to enjoy: Extract this long black cup and take time to savour its aromas

World Explorations Vienna Linizio Lungo
Taken from Vienna’s coffeehouse tradition, Nespresso’s World Explorations Vienna Linizio Lungo pays homage to the many recipes and smoothness of Viennese coffee, pairing sweet Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas, lightly roasted by our experts to enhance the malty and aromatic notes in the cup.
Profile: Round and smooth with bourbon variety malty notes
Intensity: 6
How to enjoy: Top up with hot water for an even longer cup and serve with a slice of cake

Launching 1 March 2021, the Nespresso World Explorations range is priced at HK$42 per sleeve (10 capsules). We hope you enjoy your travel journey with us.

Elevate Your Coffee Moments

Nespresso presents a range of new stylish accessories to perfect your coffee moments as World Explorations transports you to different cities. To celebrate the introduction of World Explorations Shanghai Lungo and Buenos Aires Lungo, Nespresso adds two new colourful cups to its iconic Pixie Lungo collection – a statement red and glossy silver that respectively represent the vibrancy of each city.