Soulistic, a vegan tuck shop and event hospitality start-up created by Vegan Chef and
certified plant based nutritionist, Tiffany Lau (@soulhookedonfood), releases Mother’s Day collection as part of their ongoing Soul Festive series. Due to the impact of the pandemic, she switched up her 2020 plan of hosting vegan experiential pop-up dinners to producing vegan products – that’s how Soul Festive series was born. Soulistic focuses on creating handcrafted and heartfelt gifts for our community. When it comes to the most important Sunday for our beloved mothers, it has to be healthy, beautiful and exclusive – to appreciate her love for us ever since we were born.

Soulistic believes in creating food that matches our palates without compensating on quality, nutritional value and taste. We continuously strive to expand and enrich our local community through our operations. By doing so, we support the local economy and produce food that typically tastes and looks better with more nutritional benefits. With this Mother’s Day collection, Soulistic continues its collaborative efforts with our local community – with flower
arrangements curated by local florist Greens Artelier, home & lifestyle products thoughtfully selected by Co Ninety and a low GI index vegan chocolate collection handcrafted by Soulistic.

Soulistic x Co Ninety Mother’s Day Basket (HK$1,080)
Enjoy 8% early bird discount before 1 May 2020

Pamper your mom’s senses, because she deserves it. This is why we partnered with Co Ninety and Greens Artelier to bring moms something to nibble, something to look at, and something she can use daily and bring a smile to her face. This box is not just for visual appreciation but also to protect and treat our beloved moms.

Bundle includes:
1 Box (6pcs) x Vegan artisanal chocolate (White Chocolate Salted Puff Quinoa,
Raspberry Chocolate, 70% Pistachio Dark Chocolate )
1x Flower arrangement by Greens Artelier
1x Apotheke Fragrance Room Mist (various flavours) OR Co Ninety Floral Tea
set + Kinto Tea Loop + 1 Kinto Cup

About Solistic Chocolates

Still thinking chocolate is bad for you? Let us change your mind. Various research studies have found that moderate chocolate consumption is beneficial to heart health.
In this bundle, we created a variety of vegan chocolates, from white to dark chocolate. We are also introducing our new product, vegan white chocolate. Made with raw cacao butter, which is high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (i.e. heart-healthy fat). These fats not only support brain health, but also boosts your mood and helps lower cholesterol levels. While traditional white chocolate is made with powdered sugar, we replace this unhealthy ingredient with Erythritol. It acts as an antioxidant and can improve blood vessel function in people with
Type 2 Diabetes. This means it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. We believe our moms deserve so much more than just a bite of chocolate or a slice of cake. Details on chocolate:

White Chocolate with Salted Puff Quinoa, raw cacao butter shell with 70% Salted Dark Chocolate Ganache filling.
Rose Raspberry Vegan Chocolate, contains freeze-dried raspberries giving a tart flavour that cuts nicely through the healthy chocolate fats.
Hoi Sum Vegan Dark Chocolate Bon Bon, aromatic roasted pistachio filling. Pistachio also means “happy” in Cantonese so we want to send out best wishes to all moms.

How to order:

Orders are open from April 16 until May 6 on a first-come-first-serve basis. Pickup and delivery
available from Friday 7 May to Sunday 9 May. For more information, visit or @hello.soulistic on Instagram and Facebook.