Following the successful documentary series Frontline Fashion, Redress, a pioneering NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry, invites you to attend an event hosted by Campfire on August 28th.

We strongly believe in buy less, buy better; but for those who are beyond buying any [new] clothes at all, hear and connect with one of the speakers of the evening, Redress’s founder and co-writer of the book: Dress [with] Sense, who in 2013, didn’t buy any new clothes, only wearing 100% dumped and discarded secondhand clothes. Christina Dean was unbelievably stylish during her one year challenge too! It comes to show that true style doesn’t have to be bought.

About the book: 

A stylish guide to environment-friendly ways of buying, wearing, caring for, and decluttering your wardrobe, illustrated with case studies and tips from eco-fashion pioneers across the world.

This timely book is organized into four chapters―Buy, Wear, Care, and Dispose―each containing a short introduction with essential information followed by practical tips and illustrated case studies to help you make the first step toward a more sustainable wardrobe. A detailed reference section recommends not only the best ethical fashion labels and collections but also eco-friendly fabrics, standards, and certifications; cleaning methods; renting, swapping, and recycling initiatives; and much more.

Bring cash to buy the book (HKD 140) on site!

About the event:

From the woman that brought you Redress, a pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry, Christina Dean, teamed with Hannah Lane and Sofia Tärneberg, bring us a four-chapter guide that will open your eyes to all the possible ways you can ‘Dress [with] Sense’.

Join Campfire Collaborative Spaces and Redress for an eye-opening evening where we will discuss Dress [with] Sense, a practical and fun consumer guide written by Redress. This book gives facts on fashion’s impact and useful tips for individuals to apply for a more conscious closet.

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to sign up for this event: here 

Read more about Christina Dean in Issue Thirteen of The Closeteur 

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