Desertification is an environmental challenge of our time and must be considered as a threat to global wellbeing. For over eighty years, Ermenegildo Zegna has been at the forefront in developing reforestation and environment preservation, which resulted in the outstanding Oasi Zegna in Biella, Valdilana Region.

In keeping with the company’s continuous commitment to a sustainable world, with the Summer 2020 season, Z Zegna embraces an ethical and conscious lifestyle, driving the choice of materials and techniques. In this perspective, the concept of desertification is not only the theme inspiring Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori’s distinctive and authentic vision, but is a reflection of a mindset shaping the present and the future of the brand. Enhanced by the engaging set up of an infinity room – installed at Fortezza da Basso’s Teatrino Lorenese – unexpected video projections outline an imaginary desert where real and virtual merge.

Materials crafted from up-cycled and recyclable fibers, water-friendly treatments and washing processes, as well as fibers blends, are the invisible stitches conveying Z Zegna’s mindful approach to cutting-edge, urban sophistication.

Conceived for contemporary metropolitan explorers, the collection perfectly matches ultra-lightness, high-performance and unquestionable style. Deconstructed silhouettes are manufactured from featherweight materials, which are left unlined or feature electro welded membranes fusing into the external layers. High-tech net with a silky feel is printed with revisited Madras checks, while chiné reveals Z Zegna’s refined take on iridescent motifs. Loose outwear styles, including windbreakers, anoraks and bombers, sporting a charming mix and match of shiny and mat textures, are paired with pants cut in three different shapes: slim, cargos and carrots.

Breaking new grounds in the industry, Z Zegna also evolves its TECHMERINO TM WASH & GO project, featuring crease-free merino natural wool, which now shines with tactile, textured effects. Evoking the striking colors of the desert at sunset, deep rust is peppered by prismatic accents. Nocturnal indigo is refreshed with off-white and orange shades, while desert and khaki neutrals are paired with the neon boldness of lime green and pink red.

Quintessentially urban, the iconic A-MAZE sneakers with chunky soles are juxtaposed to high-tech sandals and chukka boots with a lived-in effect, which set an adventurous utilitarian aesthetic.