NO!W NO WASTE creates a new campaign aimed to make Zero Waste sexy.

Oh, and it is definitely downright sexy.

A new and fresh approach to an otherwise intimidating (and very unsexy) topic, this campaign was the idea of  Fanny Moritz and captured by photographer Olivier Yoan.

Fanny, who runs the zero waste online store of reusable and sustainable products, said, “With this campaign, I wanted to focus on creating a new image for the zero waste lifestyle. Because the sustainable products are often portrayed under a moralising tone reminding us of the imperative to reduce our wastes, they are not always appealing.”She continues, “This unique campaign was thought of in order to break out from this usual frame. Indeed, I want to show everyone that you can care for the planet while having fun and enjoying the summer. This is the reason why these pictures show the zero waste products in a positive atmosphere. They are going mark people’s minds with a charming and pleasant impression in order to attract more people who were previously not particularly involved in this waste reduction movement to start engaging in a zero waste lifestyle.”

We agree, keep it coming. #wastefreeandsexy

NO!W is first and foremost an e-commerce platform selling reusable and sustainable products (bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws, package-free solid shampoo and more).

Here at The Closeteur, we believe that it’s the small changes that count. Start with small changes such as switching your body gels for solid soaps, or refusing those plastic utensils when you are dining in.


Here are some of our picks from her website.

  1. Ice Pop Mold – a new and more modern upgrade of the plastic molds found in homeware stores, this one was used to create the popsicles seen in the campaign. Fill them with fruit juice, water, and syrup or even flavor yogurt. This fast freeze mold is perfect for a hot summer.

2. Solid Shampoo. So pretty to look at, and it will last over four months too! By using solid, non-packaged shampoo, it is estimated you can save ten shampoo bottles from the landfill in a year.

Perfect for travel, and all types of hair.

3. Natural Deodorant by Zero Yet 100. Created here in Hong Kong, this natural deodorant is easy to use, and it works. Perfect for travelling, and it comes in stick-form too.

Read more about Fanny here in Issue 14 Zero Waste Heroes.

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